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Examination and Evaluation

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“The aim of education should be to convert the mind into a living fountain and not a reservoir.”
Classes III to V
A test of knowledge and ability is an important and integral part of academics. To evaluate the process of learning, Primary Wing has a comprehensive examination system. The assignments and unit tests are designed in a systematic manner to ensure complete recapitulation of knowledge.
• Following the HBSE directives, the Primary Wing awards grades instead of marks.
• The academic session is divided into two terms. I Term from April to September and II Term from October to March.
• Continuous assessment of the student is maintained on the basis of three periodical unit tests. Assignments, activities, dictations, projects/ models and orals will be conducted once in two months.
• There will be three unit tests for the main four subject i.e English, Hindi, Maths and E.V.S. in each term. All the three tests will be accounted for during compilation of result at the end of each term. Neutralization of marks will be done in case a student misses a test due to medical reasons.
• Periodical tests will be conducted on every Friday as per the schedule given in the Test Series.
• Practice assignments are given to the students prior to the Friday test.
• For classes III to V unit tests are conducted for 25 marks each.
• For subjects like G.K. and Computer, two tests are conducted in each term.
• Grades are awarded for Arts, Music, Sports, Yoga/Aerobics and Clubs.
• Online assignments are given to enhance the subject concepts.
• It is mandatory for the students to bring the test notebooks on the day of test.
• Monthly planner is given to the students well in advance covering every month’s syllabus and date sheet for the parent’s information.
Classes VI To X
Education, as a planned endeavour, should aim at making children capable of becoming active, responsible, productive and caring members of the society. It is therefore, deemed essential that it must promote and nourish as wide a range of capacities and skills in the learners as possible. It is with this mission that the CBSE has brought about a paradigm shift from ‘Teaching to Test’ to ‘Holistic assessment’. The introduction of CCE is a step towards assessing and evaluating the holistic personality of the students and not just his/her academic excellence. Students will be assessed through Formative and Summative assessments. FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT is used continuously by the teacher to monitor the student’s progress in a supportive environment.
 In FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT, emphasis is more on other activities instead of written examination. These include quizzes, interviews, conversation, visual testing, oral testing, projects, practicals and assignments.
SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT is in the form of a written test conducted by the school at the end of each term. The Examination and Evaluation system being adopted by the school for classes VI to X is based on the guidelines of CCE. The entire academic session will be divided into two terms spanning from April to September and October to March. Students will be assessed in both Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas.
• Scholastic aspects include curricular areas or subject specific areas.
• Co-scholastic aspects include life-skills, Co-curricular activities, attitudes and values.
The Scholastic area will be assessed through:-
Formative Assessment:- This assessment of the student will be carried out by the teaching teacher formally and informally.
Formal Activities: – Through Unit Tests, MCQ, projects, quizzes, class assignments and home assignments.
Informal Activities: – Through oral work, field trips.
The best of various activities will be taken for each formative assessment.
Summative Assessment: – Through Terminal Examination to be conducted at the end of each term.
Formative Assessment:- 20% per Term
Summative Assessment:- Term I – 30% and Term II – 30%
The Students will receive their final scores in terms of grades instead of numerical marks. For promotion to next class it shall be mandatory for the students to secure minimum ‘D’ grade in aggregate as well as in all major subjects viz. English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, Maths, Science and Social Science.
Class XI & XII
Weekly test for each subject shall carry a weightage of 40 marks per term.
Two Periodical Tests  Weightage – 40 marks
Communication skills / Assignments & Projects  10 marks
Terminal               100 marks
Total                   150 marks